• Alter Asset Management's Property-Management Team Wins TOBY Award for Kaplan University at Cypress Creek Concourse

    Alter Asset Management's Fort Lauderdale property management team, led by its partner, Cushman & Wakefield of Florida, has won the Building Owners and Managers Association's (BOMA) Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Award. Samuel F. Gould, Alter Asset Management President, announced the award, for the 200,000 SF Kaplan University offices at the 45-acre Cypress Creek Concourse office park.

    Our Services

    Alter Asset Management provides the full scope of asset management know how,

    starting with strategic and financial planning, and moving to brokerage, operations management, financial reporting, and construction management. Our due diligence and operational platform provides the full suite of knowledge assets that every owner needs to protect value – 5-year capital budgets; business plans; 12-month marketing plans; repositioning plans; reserve studies; energy cost saving recommendations; and contingency planning. Click on one of the badges below to call up each of our services:


    Each property gets its own Senior Property Manager and an experienced Assistant Property Supervisor, both of whom are there to provide prompt, positive and patient service to every request. Management and maintenance is on call 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year through on-site staffing and a call-center system. We inspect all buildings regularly and perform regular surveys to assure that our tenants are receiving the highest experience of their space. If problems arise, we lean on our expertise in comprehensive and expert crisis-management and responsiveness.


    Property reporting is typically provided to third-party clients using MRI Software, one of the strongest property management programs available. In addition, we have significant experience using Yardi and Spectra and have done so at a client’s specific request. We provide a comprehensive zero-based budgeting system including detailed financial analysis and on-going building operational analyses to assist in the planning of capital expenditures. Property budgeting is typically accomplished using Kardin Systems. We believe it to be the best property management budget program currently available and it has excellent interface with MRI and Excel.

    Lease Administration

    Alter Asset Management prepares and updates lease abstracts as required to track important lease dates, contract dates, notice dates, expirations and options. We work towards the standardization of services for multiple locations to assure tenant and landlord satisfaction. As part of our due diligence, we audit landlord tax and operating expense pass-through billings as required.

    Fire Protection/Life Safety

    Alter Asset Management takes the well-being of its tenants and assets very seriously. We monitor flow testing and main-drain testing annually to assure fire-protection system integrity. We monitor and rigorously test building fire-alarm, fire-pump and sprinkler-systems quarterly. We also supervise the development of emergency-evacuation procedures and plans for multi-story buildings and assure that they are reviewed regularly. We also secure emergency recovery by maintaining backup power systems.


    Property owners may elect to participate in Alter Asset Management’s blanket insurance program through Travelers and Fireman’s Fund, and cost benefits are typical when compared to stand-alone property and liability programs. We assign an insurance administrator to continually monitor and evaluate tenant coverage, as evidenced by certificates of insurance as well as vendor insurance requirements and evidence of coverage. We provide a complete annual review and bidding of all landlord coverage as required. We assure that all contractors and vendors provide current certificates of insurance including workers compensation.

    Building Systems

    Building systems are like the organs of the body, working behind the scenes to assure seamless continuity and calm. It’s everything: roofs, exterior walls and windows; heat, ventilating and air conditioning; elevators; electrical switch-gear; plumbing; fire suppression and alarms; irrigation; electrical; streets, sidewalks and paving; and building-specific specialty systems. Whenever technically possible and system compatible, we issue laptop computers and iPads to chief building engineers so that minor system adjustments can be made from remote locations in order to reduce overtime and travel charges for outside-business-hour matters. We develop, implement and/or monitor building and system-specific preventive-maintenance programs for selected building systems. When competitive bidding is requested, we use standardized specifications and quality standards. On a regular basis, we use independent consultants to review and issue recommendations for systems operation and effectiveness especially as pertains to roofs, parking decks and infra-red testing programs. We monitor contracts for all mechanical-system maintenance and preventive maintenance on a bid basis.

    Janitorial Services

    We use standardized specifications and quality standards to evaluate all janitorial services. We customize specifications to meet client, building and cost requirements. We perform scheduled and surprise inspections to assure conformity with contract-mandated specifications. Day-porter services are provided depending on building size, budget requirements and the nature of specific building tenancy. We also perform parking lot cleaning, sweeping and maintenance on a regular basis.

    Landscaping/snow removal

    Alter Asset Management establishes standardized specifications and quality standards for contractor bidding. We make scheduled and unscheduled inspections to assure the steady delivery of service. We prepare and monitor specialty programs and contingency plans for such unusual conditions as droughts, blizzards, tornadoes, heavy snowfall, etc.


    Alter Asset Management maintains state-of-the-art management-information systems with both "packaged" and demand-specific reporting. Standardized monthly reporting can be done on either cash or accrual basis and includes actual to budget comparison on both monthly and annualized basis, accounts receivable reporting, accounts payable reporting, customized general ledger reporting, rent roll reporting and numerous other management reports. Non-financial property “events’ and service request/work order reporting is prepared monthly.